Bill Holter – Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction (WMFD)

Every once in a while it is a good thing to review something we already know and have known for quite a while.  What we’re talking about are derivatives and the very basics of how they work… or not. 

We have seen massive volatility since the Fed raised rates last month. 

The humor (tragedy), admitted to yesterday by the Fed, the 4th quarter saw slowing economies all over the world and “Nobody Really Knows Anything Right Now” !  

I say “humor” because the Fed tightened rates just as the economy was weakening again.  Many have said the Fed raised rates at “exactly the wrong time”.  History may agree with this, I do not.  In fact, there has not been one single day since the end of 2008 the Fed “should have” raised rates simply because of the massive debt embedded in the system and those pesky weapons of mass financial destruction called DERIVATIVES!  Higher rates will only serve as a “margin call” in a system with no margin left!

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