Bills that would mandate the HPV vaccine in New York schools up for votes

Bills that would mandate the HPV vaccine in New York schools up for votes




New York Senate Bill S297B — to amend and expand the state’s public health law to include the HPV vaccine


This is being sponsored by NY Senator Brad Hoylman — a democrat representing Manhattan


Hoylman said in a statement:  “If you had a chance to prevent your child from getting cancers by immunizing them with a vaccine that is safe, you would do that. I think that’s the question every parent has to ask themselves … Science should dictate our policy, not surfing the internet for conspiracy theories.”


Hoylman is a career politician — has been in NY senate since 2012 and was a democrat operative for 20 years before that


Hoylman has absolutely no background in medicine and health.. has received significant campaign funding from the medical-health industries


Another NY Senator Liz Krueger – Democrat representing Manhattan — co-sponsoring a bill that would permit kids to get vaccinated without parental consent


Krueger has background in public policy but no indication of any background in medicine and health.


Contact to leave messages

For Hoylman:  (212) 206-0033

For Krueger:  (518) 455-2297

Or call the NY State Senate number  518-455-2800 and ask to be connected with the Senators lines


New York Assembly Bill A-2912 — include HPV vaccine into the mandated vaccine regimen


sponsored by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin – a democrat representing Scarsdale

background in criminal justice.. nothing on medical and health


to contact Paulin  914-723-1115


2020 is a major election year… pressure put on these people and withhold voting for