Boy Suspended for Year and Prosecuted for Bringing A Leaf to School

An 11-year-old boy has endured relentless attacks from the government for bringing a leaf to school that tested negative for marijuana. Nevertheless, he was suspended from school for a 364 days and charged with possession of marijuana – even after it was proven on multiple occasions that the plant was not weed.

On September 22nd of last year, students at Bedford Middle School reported to school authorities that a boy had a lighter and a bag with a leaf in it. He was “bragging” that it was marijuana, which violated the school’s zero-tolerance policy. The policy includes “imitation” or “look-alike” drugs.

When officials found the “drug,” it led to the boy’s suspension, but vice principal Brian Wilson and school resource officer M.M. Calohan took it a step further: they contacted the police, who charged him with possession of marijuana.

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