Brandon Turbeville – South Africa’s Secret Plan to Sterilize Blacks through Vaccines

South Africa’s apartheid system will always be known for the tragic example of the institutionalized racism that it was as well as for all of the horrific acts of oppression, violence and dehumanization it produced. Much of what took place under the system will never be revealed as both its victims and perpetrators have taken the information to their graves. However, what is known already is more than enough to prove that such a system must never be instituted again.

A number of years after the end of the apartheid system in South Africa, a Truth and Reconciliation Committee was established to reveal the wrongs that had been committed against the people of South Africa and to begin the process of healing and reconciliation between the parties. Yet even during the process of “uncovering” many of the atrocities committed against black South Africans some of that information has been largely ignored throughout the decades after the system ended; most notably, a system of attempted genocide of black South Africans by means of a national vaccine program.

Some of that information came to light in January 1997 when Wouter Basson was finally arrested by South African authorities. A cardiologist by trade Basson was also the head of Project Coast, South Africa’s secret chemical and biological warfare program.When searching his car, hundreds of secret documents were found that revealed the program’s covert operations including connections, contacts, and murder weapons.

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