Brandon Turbeville – Terrorist Support Group Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

As if the world couldn’t get any crazier, the committee in charge of nominating prospective recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize has recently nominated a terrorist organization for the award. The White Helmets, the notorious mop-up wing of Nusra (Jobhat al-Nusra or Jobhat Fatah al-Sham) will now be in the running for not only the cash prize that comes with winning the Nobel but also the undeserved and cult-like appreciation of winners  as if, in some parallel universe, the award was actually given to people who promote peace.[1]

Indeed, it seems no one finds it noteworthy that the Nobel Prize itself is named after a man who was a groundbreaking armaments manufacturer. In the years since its existence, the Nobel Prize committee has awarded the likes of Henry Kissinger, arguably one of the greatest mass murderers of the 20th Century, Barack Obama (who had done nothing accept allegedly “give hope” to the people of the world before continuing and embarking upon a worldwide campaign of terrorism and warfare) and Al Gore who has soaked up every dollar and burned immense amounts of fossil fuel promoting neo-Malthusianism policies under the guise of protecting the climate. Shimon Peres, Jimmy Carter, and Kofi Annan (as well as the United Nations) have also received the award in the past.

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