CA radio station censored vaccine information before mandatory vaccination vote by J. D. Heyes

A radio program featuring a popular radio host, documentarian and alternative health expert was censored by its network after featuring an interview that presented information and arguments against vaccinations.

As reported by The Daily Sheeple, the expert, Gary Null, who has the longest-running health talk show airing on the Progressive Radio Network, was asked to appear recently as a guest on Bonnie Faulkner’s program, Guns and Butter, which “investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics,” according to the show’s web site. Her program airs on Pacifica KPFA public radio stations.

In the spirit of legitimate debate, Faulkner asked Null to provide the other side of the vaccine debate – not the “case closed” version, but rather the “what you’re not being told about vaccines” side. Null was asked specifically to discuss SB277, the California legislation that would mandate vaccines for virtually all school-aged children in the state, except for homeschooled kids, who represent a tiny minority.

As noted by The Daily Sheeple:

When it came time to air, however, they were told they weren’t allowed – or rather, they were outright censored and the show was cut – the first time for Guns and Butter in over 11 years.

No real courage to tell the truth

However, Faulkner refused to take that censorship lying down. She decided to do a “reverse interview” by appearing on Null’s program just to get the information out.

KPFA’s mission statement is quite interesting:

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