Project Censored – 12.11.18

Long-time investigative reporter Dave Lindorff explores the Pentagon’s financial mysteries,  including massive unaccounted-for spending and decades of non-compliance with audit law.  Later in the program, a look at the real record of the late President George H.W. Bush.  Notes:   Dave Lindorff is a widely-published independent journalist. His article on financial stonewalling  at the Pentagon appears in the December 10 …


The Infectious Myth – The End of Policing with Alex Vitale

A book with the title, “The End of Policing”, is certainly provocative, but it makes you think about how Americans are over-policed, especially if poor and not white, the futile and deadly war on drugs, the militarization of police, and how police are called even when they are clearly not suitable for the situation, such as people with mental health …

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The Gary Null Show – 12.11.18

CONVERSATION WITH REMARKABLE MIND How inequality has led to criminalization of the Poor in America Prof. Peter Edelman is the Carnack Waterhouse Professor of Law and Public Policy at Georgetown University where he is also the faculty director for the Center for Poverty and Inequality.  Early in his career, he served as a legislative assistant to Robert F Kennedy up until …


The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Sustainable fashion: Awareness is growing about the benefits of organic food, but what about chemicals in the clothing we wear ?

Beth Fiteni is the founder and director of Green Inside & Out, a Long Island based nonprofit organization. Beth has a Masters Degree in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, as well as twenty years of experience working in the environmental movement for non-profit organizations. She has worked at Renewable Energy Long Island, Sustainability Institute at Molloy College, and Beyond Pesticides, through which …


Focus On The Facts – 12.11.18

Covered the latest in world news and the legal case of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, one of the founding funders of the Clinton Foundation, and the most drawn-out child sex trafficking case in US legal history which involved world leaders, politicians, and celebrities, and the new court case that could expose the many people involved in this international child sex trafficking …


LOA Daily – Tuesday Morning Q&A

More good questions during this session. It became much more of a religious/spiritual discussion than we normally have as we explored our ideas about God, imagination, source energy, and the true nature of the spiritual side of existence. We are truly all creators, and the co-creation was going hot and heavy during this episode!   Download Here


Ask Beatty – 12.11.18

1.  Daily reminders that enhance our lives and relationships.    2.  The exercise prescription for depression,  anxiety and stress.   3.  My guest today is Dirk Burrows, Manager from the 94th and Broadway New York Sports Club in New York City.   Find out the best ways to begin and maintain a regular exercise routine regardless of your age or stage …