Alternative Visions – Trump’s Political Legacies

as a follow up addendum to a prior week’s show on ‘Trump’s Toxic Economic Legacies’, today’s Alternative Visions show discusses Trump’s Political Legacies. At the top of the list is the deep change in political consciousness among all sectors of US society that Trump’s regime—and in particular his last year in office—have generated. Political elites in Washington have been deeply …


Alternative Visions – Biden Announces New $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package (American Rescue Plan)

Dr. Rasmus unpacks the details of Biden’s just announced first economic stimulus package of $1.9T, called the ‘American Rescue Plan’. The four sections of the package are explained in detail: the $400 billion for Covid, vaccine distribution, PPE, emergency paid leave, and schools reopening; the $1 trillion additional for direct family relief in the form of $1,400 checks, extended unemployment …


Alternative Visions – Stimulus Negotiations Status Update + Latest Dismal Job Numbers

Dr. Rasmus reviews latest labor department jobs numbers released today and compares them to the more accurate new unemployment claims numbers released yesterday. The various categories of jobless that aren’t included in the monthly jobs numbers and why unemployment benefit recipients are double that of the officially unemployed reported every month by the labor department. The show then focuses on …


Alternative Visions – US Treasury vs. US Federal Reserve ‘Rift’ + Functions of Capitalist Central Banks

Dr. Rasmus discusses what’s behind the recent so-called ‘rift’ between the Mnuchin Treasury and Powell’s Federal Reserve bank. Why is it that Mnuchin ordered the return of $455 billion unspent stimulus funds passed in March while hundreds of thousands of small businesses are going under, 20-25m workers still unemployed, food lines growing, and rent evictions accelerating? The political reasons behind …


Alternative Visions – US triple crisis worsens

Dr. Rasmus explains why the triple crisis in America is intensifying once again. why the US economy is deteriorating. why covid health crisis is worsening. why the US political crisis is deepening as Trump tries to get the electoral college to change votes.    Download Here  


Alternative Visions – Debunking 3rd Quarter US GDP + Trump’s Coup D-Etat Plan

Today’s show covers the two topics. In first half hour, yesterday’s US GDP preliminary numbers are debunked. Why the 3rd Qtr net growth is only 2% not 7.4% and why annualized numbers showing 33.1% should be totally disregarded as phony statistical exaggerations. What’s behind the 3rd quarter growth, industry by industry, why it reflects slowing momentum for the economy, not growth, and …