Astonishing insights from the other side – Energy Stew interview with Garnet Schulhauser – 05.08.15

Some people are contacted by the other side and introduced to astral travel. That’s what happened to my guest for this show.
Garnet Schulhauser was a lawyer living a normal life when a strange man began interacting with him on the street. Soon, this man showed up at night as a spirit and invited him to travel out of his body into other dimensions. Naturally, this changed his life.
After many journeys, he was able to write books of his experiences and lessons about the spiritual universe. His first book was “Dancing on a Stamp” and the second was “Dancing Forever with Spirit”. I’ve read them with great appreciation and recognition of realities we can never know enough about.
It’s always wonderful to connect with astral travelers and hear about their amazing adventures in dimensional worlds most of us can only dream about.


Nature’s mysteries can awaken and heal us – Energy Stew interview with Patrice Vecchione – 04.24.15

Is the wonder of nature always present for you?  Are you allowing it to invigorate and restore your imagination and equilibrium? Patrice Vecchione has written a beautiful book, “Step into Nature, Nurturing Imagination and Spirit in Everyday Life“. Wandering through nature with Patrice is an opportunity to see its magic in new and exciting ways.  She truly opens doors to …


Five Minute Relationship Repair – Energy Stew interview with Susan Campbell – 04.17.15

You can quickly heal upsets, deepen intimacy and strengthen love through working with your differences. Once you can recognize your triggers and understand how they are set off by your patterns of core emotions you can manage yourself and your relationships better. Susan Campbell and co-author John Grey have written this extremely helpful book, “Five Minute Relationship Repair”, which can get …


Take a consciousness awareness journey – Energy Stew interview with Micheline Nader – 04.03.15

Learning about your core patterns helps you master your journey. Micheline Nader has written a wonderful book, “The Dolphin’s Dance“, to help us uncover the emotional matrix that we’ve chosen to follow in our lives.  When we can identify our underlying “markers”, “stickers” and “verdicts”, we can tackle the script that we’ve written for ourselves. Most of us have had …


Giving away our truth – Energy Stew interview with Wendy Treynor – 03.27.15

Many people live in compromise for their social survival. It might not help the body survive.

Social approval might be a fine way to achieve happiness but it all depends on what you need to do to get it. In order to fit in, so many people will avoid truths including sabotaging their own inner goals and may also act hurtfully to others.

Wendy Treynor has written a book, “The Gift of Cancer”, about her experiences in life that led to her illness and the changes she had to make in order to heal.

Listen to this fascinating interview about the wisdom she found along her difficult path and how we can make better choices in our own lives.


How different are the children of today? – interview with Meg Blackburn Losey – 03.13.15

Our children are here to create a better future for us. Many names are given to today’s children; Indigo Children, Crystalline Children, Star Kids, Children of Light, Transitional Children and the Beautiful Silent Ones. Whatever their labels, these children are different and they’re here to know differently.  We need a new world and they are going to build it. Meg Blackburn Losey is …