Nature Bats Last – 06.16.15

Today on NBL we have husband and wife Aaron Lahman and Sara Leoni. They will share their story of travel, justice, liberation and living consciously. They are truly chasing a different carrot. Plus we touch on the climate news of the day and the continued insanity of the industrial model.


Nature Bats Last – 06.09.15

This week Guy engages in wide-ranging conversation with Mimi German, life-long anti-nuclear activist and musician. A brief climate-change update follows abundant information about three related topics: (1) the recently hacked blog, (2) an ex-promoter of Guy’s message scared back onto the sidelines, and (3) Guy’s response to these and similar threats.

Marc Black -  photo by doug goodman copy 1

Nature Bats Last – 06.02.15

This week on Nature Bats Last, Pauline Schneider hosts and interviews native New Yorker, blues singer, Marc Black.
They talk about hydrofracking, politics, and music as activism. We get to hear three songs, including “No Fracking Way”, from his latest collaborative album project “Sing for the Silenced” aimed to offer moral support for the silenced victims of the fracking industry.


Nature Bats Last – 05.26.15

This week Michael J. Sliwa and I are pleased to host Daniel Dancer. There’s much more, too, including a contribution from Forrest Palmer, a climate-change update, and Guy reading and responding to his hate mail.


Nature Bats Last – 05.19.15

We are honored to interview Derrick Jensen this week. Jensen has been hailed as the “poet-philosopher of the ecological movement” by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. His scholarly efforts have produced Endgame, The Culture of Make Believe, A Language Older than Words, and nearly two dozen other books.
Plus at least two new Breaking Hopium segments and a climate update!

Nature Bats Last – 05.12.15

Pauline Schneider will be interviewing Jen Lahey, a mother, environmental activist, CSA director and more. We talk about hydrofracking, music and pokemon. Download this episode (right click and save)


Nature Bats Last – 05.05.15

Today our guest interview is with Mary Pipher. Dr. Pipher is a clinical psychologist and the author of nine books, including Reviving Ophelia, which was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for 26 weeks. Her area of interest is how American culture influences the mental health of its people. She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband Jim. Her passions are her family, being outdoors, birds, books, and protecting her state’s environment.