Ask Beatty – 11.23.15

What is the role of schools and colleges in terms of educating students about the realities of life…the good, the bad and the ugly? As educators we have a responsibility to prepare our students to navigate through muddy waters. This can only happen if we encourage responsible debate, discussion and distention about a variety of issues that effect all of us including: religion, gender, sex, relationships and racism. Let’s keep our students safe from violence. Everything else should be up for debate!


Leid Stories – 11.23.15

Auto Workers Approve New Four-Year Contract with the Big Three
Feeling the Bern? Rating Bernie Sanders’ ‘Political Revolution’
Late Friday, workers at Ford Motor Company voted to approve a new four-year contract, bringing to a close a tense round of negotiations between the Big Three (including General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and the United Auto Workers union, which represents more than 141,000 workers in the industry. Alex Wassel, a member of UAW’s Local 869, discusses key aspects of the new contract.

What’s this “democratic socialism” that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders keeps talking about? Leid Stories takes on Sanders’ own definition of the term.


The Gary Null Show – 11.23.15

Hal Niedzviecki is a Canadian journalist, author and social critic who is highly regarded for his astute perceptions in deconstructing the illusions of the high tech industry, popular fads and contemporary lifestyles, and its’ many promises being sold to people. For years his research has focused upon the role future possibilities drive companies, technologies and different philosophies. He is the publisher of Broken Pencil, a leading underground publication devoted to sub cultures. His articles have appeared in publications throughout the world including the New York Times, Utne, the British Globe and Mail, Playboy and others. Among his books is The Peep Diaries which became a documentary aired by the Canadian Broadcast Company, and more recently “Trees on Mars: Our Obsession with the Future” which has been praised by many progressives for its insights into the agendas behind futurist studies to predict, own and sell the future. His website is AlongCameTomorrow.com


Black Agenda Radio – 11.23.15

Welcome, to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective.

– The corporate media’s fixation with the attack on Paris seems insatiable, as if no place else in the world has suffered from terrorist attacks. Could it be because Paris is mostly white? Ajamu Baraka is a founder of the U.S. Human Rights Network and an editor and columnist for Black Agenda Report. Baraka’s current article is titled, “The Paris Attacks and the White Lives Matter Movement.” Baraka points out that the world capitals of death by terror are Nigeria, Iraq and Syria. Yet massacres in those places are not considered big news.

– Environmental activists were planning to hold a huge demonstration in Paris later this month, to influence United Nations negotiations about climate change. However, French authorities have put the country under a state of emergency. Among those who planned to be in Paris is Kali Akuno, whose Malcolm X Grassroots Movement colleagues are promoting a plan for sustainable development in predominantly Black Jackson, Mississippi. It’s called the Jackson Just Transition Plan. Akuno says his delegation has held on to their plane tickets.

– The Stop Mass Incarceration Network, co-founded by Carl Dix and Dr. Cornel West, followed up three days of protests in New York with demonstrations, this weekend, in several cities to refocus attention on Tamir Rice, the 12 year-old killed by Cleveland police. The local district attorney accused Tamir’s mother of having “economic motives” for demanding justice for her son. Carl Dix says the DA’s behavior is proof enough that the system is rigged. Carl Dix says nationwide protests are planned for December 3rd, the one-year anniversary of the exoneration of the cop that choked Eric Garner to death, in Staten Island, New York.

– Investigative reporter Ken Silverstein says the Clinton Foundation’s newly released tax returns should land Bill, Hillary and daughter Chelsea Clinton in prison. In an article for Harper’s Magazine, Silverstein writes that the former – and possibly future – First Couple are implicated in massive money laundering and other High Crimes.

– Kenia Serrano, the president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship of the People, spends lots of time greeting delegations of visitors to her island. But, this month Serrano and other Cuban officials were on a tour of U.S. cities, starting in New York. Speaking at John Jay College, Serrano said Cubans are proud of the changes the Revolution has made in the lives of the people.


Warrior Connection – 11.22.15

The November 22 edition of Warrior Connection was a discussion between host Dr. Doug Rokke and exceptional educators Dr Sharon Weiss, Superintendent, Jerry Sanderson Associate Superintendent, and Bill Engelbrecht, Associate Superintendent of Schools for the Peoria Illinois Catholic Diocese ( www.cdop.org ) on what makes a good school for our children / families. It was very clear from the conversation as data verify that solutions exist for the current public school crises. But more important it provides parents information on a choice to ensure their child receives an excellent education for the “whole” child. This choice is not limited at all to just Catholic children and families but is available for all.



Resistance Radio – Stephanie McMillan – 11.22.15

Stephanie McMillan’s award-winning editorial cartoons and comic strips have appeared in hundreds of publications and venues. She is the author of seven books, including Capitalism Must Die!, which combines comics with text in a basic overview of capitalism and revolution, and The Beginning of the American Fall, about the Occupy mobilizations. Stephanie has also been an organizer against capitalism all her life. Today we talk about her newest project, a calendar called “365 Daily Affirmations for Revolutionary Proletarian Militants.”

Economic Update – Big vs Small Business – 11.22.15

Updates on Japan’s Recession, half of New York City economically in trouble, ACA deductibles undermine affordability, Million student March, another crooked capitalist. Response to listeners on private vs public enterprises. Major topics: small vs big business and big ideas not being discussed in campaigns.

Nächste Ausfahrt - Expatriate

Expat Files – 11.22.15

-The scoop on how lazy, corrupt, fat-ass Latin politicians and their malignant Latin Governments are now trying to levy a new kind of tax on high earners. It’s meant to finance a new “public security” bureaucracy that “promises” to make citizens more secure and safer.
Such a law has just been passed in El Salvador. Its a 5% tax on high earners ostensibly to shore up the country’s failed law enforcement branch and broken judicial system. Well now…even an idiot could predict where those new tax dollars will end up… in SUV’s, private planes, yachts, beach houses, mistresses and trips to Mijami.
But don’t worry, as you’ll see, Expats will not be paying that tax.

-Though fluoride’s being touted by pinheads and clueless government talking heads, it has not been added to Latin water supplies. True, have been a few failed experiments and they were abandoned.
But look out! Certain clueless food companies have stepped up to the plate. They’re not only putting fluoride in table salt, they’re spiking milk and dairy products with it too…buyer beware!

-More on doing business and the high cost of opening bank accounts in Chile

-Today an email from a Canadian expat (non-US citizen) explaining how the long sweaty arm of the USA tax system and the IRS is making his life miserable even though he has no US bank or brokerage accounts and has nothing to do with the USA at all.