Cinque D'Jahspora

Leid Stories – 03.17.15

As usual, L’Sana DJahspora had his day planned. He was well on task on Nov. 7, 2014, when toward the end of the day he received a call every parent dreads getting. His 20-year-old son Cinque—“Q”—was dead, shot by a local Jackson, Tennessee, police officer, L’Sana was told. The details were sketchy, but Q was gone.


The Infectious Myth – Professor Garth Nicolson – 03.17.15

Dr. Garth Nicolson, a highly credentialed and published medical scientist, became interested in what is now known as Gulf War Syndrome after his daughter came from serving in the US military in this 1991 war in Iraq with mysterious symptoms. Dr. Nicolson believes that perhaps 250,000 US military members suffered from this syndrome, which include chronic fatigue, digestive problems, neurologic …


Ask Beatty – 03.16.15

A Johns Hopkins study found that most marriage counseling is a waste of time, money and energy on the part of everyone and that 25% of couples are WORSE off than when they started. Tune in and hear what Beatty believes must happen if couples therapy is to be successful. She also stressed the importance of having strong policies and programs in place in our schools, colleges and work places that will protect victims of sexual assault, including emotional and verbal abuse. Without them we are victimizing innocent people and enabling perpetrators.


Project Censored – 03.17.15

Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips ask what’s behind the Obama Administration’s recent imposition of sanctions against Venezuelan officials, and its claim that Venezuela threatens US national security? Gloria La Riva and Roger Harris address this question. Then filmmaker Adam Horowitz discusses his documentary “Nuclear Savage,” in which he makes the case that the U-S deliberately exposed Marshall Islanders to fallout …


Global Research News Hour – Student Debt Trap: Breaking the Grip of the Predatory Lenders – 03.16.15

In the month of February, fifteen former students of the for- profit Corinthian Colleges System declared they would no longer be paying off their sizable federal student loans. They see the Corinthian system as corrupt, making false promises and part of a predatory leding racket. This action sets the stage for a conversation about the Student debt crisis and the nature of money.

Ellen Brown author, former civil litigation attorney and founder of the Public Banking Institute comes on in the first half hour. She explains how student debt is not only crippling the debt holders with unfair debt repyment obligations, it is used by money managers as a commodity not unlike the Subprime mortgages that infamously led to the financial meltdown of 2008.
In the second half hour we hear a September 2011 speech given by San Francisco Bay Area-basedIndependent journalist and podcast producer Kellia Ramares-Watson. She goes further than Ellen BRown in suggesting that the money system not only has to be reformed but disbanded altogether. She suggests in the speech that students should default on their debts as a political action.


Leid Stories – 03.16.15

Mayhem, Murder, Madness, Money and Media Myopia

Leid Stories takes a look at a few major stories that illustrate how U.S. news outlets willingly toe ideological, political and racial lines in their coverage, and how this in turn shapes and controls our views of the world and our place in it.

Media literacy is a regular feature of Leid Stories.