It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown – Next! – 04.22.15

In the world of monetary reformists, there’s a clear understanding that things not only shouldn’t continue as they are, they can’t continue as they are – that systemic failure is upon us as current social and political outcomes tear at the fabric of civil life. Ellen speaks with Gar Alperovitz, one of America’s most venerable reformist thinkers and policy experts, about his new “The Next System Project” to help design and precipitate what should happen next.

The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – 04.21.15

Hosts,  Dr. Eugene Zampieron, Naturopathic Physician and Master Herbalist, and Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC,, discuss career paths in Natural Health. Many consumers and patients call to inquire about how they might pursue a path in Natural Health. In today’s show, The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z share their personal stories of how they became involved in Natural Health , …


Infectious Myth – Wallace Thornhill and the Electric Universe – 04.21.15

David Crowe speaks with Wallace Thornhill about the “Electric Universe”. Wallace is among a number of scientists who believe that it is electrical forces that drive the universe, including our universe, and that gravity can be thought of as simply a weak electrical force. Is it possible that Einstein is wrong, very wrong? At the very least, this discussion will make you think.


Project Censored – 04.21.15

On the Project Censored Show Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips discuss Smart Meters, Mass Surveillance, and Public Health Concerns. They’ll look at some of the controversies surrounding Smart Meters, including those revealed in e mails between CA PG&E and the CA PUC, among these are spying on customer use and sharing private information with third parties, which has been confirmed by the …


Ask Beatty – 04.20.15

Beatty talked about the importance of being brutally honest with your therapist (unlike Andreas Lubitz), the pilot who purposely crashed the Germanwings airplane, killing 150 people. Unless you are prepared to do so, your therapy will be a waste of time and energy and could end in someone harming themselves or others. She also discussed NYT columnist David Brooks article, …