iEat Green – Anna Lappe, Co-Founder of The Small Planet Institute and Author of “Diet for a Hot Planet” – 04.23.15

I am very excited to have Anna Lappe as my guest this week, on the Progressive Radio Network. Anna is the co-founder of the Small Planet Institute as well as the Small Planet Fund, and the daughter of Francis Moore Lappe, who wrote Diet for a Small Planet, the first book I read that inspired me to give up meat when I was 16! She …


Fearless Parent Radio – Life Is Intelligent – 04.22.15

Fearless Parent Radio™ welcomes Dr. Jeanne Ohm and there is no better guest for her inaugural show than Jeanne herself. She has been teaching parents for decades, empowering and inspiring us to trust and respect our conscious and informed choices for family wellness. This process requires a shifting of our paradigm. Instead of delegating our power and responsibility to “experts,” she shows us to honor the seat of wisdom within ourselves. Instead of coming from fear, we must learn to lean into and to celebrate our internal intuition.


It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown – Next! – 04.22.15

In the world of monetary reformists, there’s a clear understanding that things not only shouldn’t continue as they are, they can’t continue as they are – that systemic failure is upon us as current social and political outcomes tear at the fabric of civil life. Ellen speaks with Gar Alperovitz, one of America’s most venerable reformist thinkers and policy experts, about his new “The Next System Project” to help design and precipitate what should happen next.