Love Code – Profound Healing Experiences with Frequency Medicine with Lisa Lothian

Profound Healing Experiences with Frequency Medicine with Lisa Lothian Profound Healing Experiences with  Frequency Medicine with Lisa Lothian and Mary Hauser Lisa Lothian is Certified BodyTalk practitioner a True Cellular Detox practitioner and coaches others to live toxin free. Her health and life has been profoundly transformed using the Healy technology. Take advanced of the Healy Worldwide Promotions until April 30!!! …


Economic Update – Workers Successfully Take Over their Workplaces

On this week’s show, Prof. Wolff discusses how the US home rental market is failing over 20% of all renters, and the  basic flaws in Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal. On the second half of the show, Prof. Wolff interviews Prof. Marcelo Vieta on his studies of workers’ success in taking over enterprises mismanaged by capitalists.   Download Here


Leid Stories – 04.16.21

It’s another edition of “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories. On Fridays we switch from our regular program format and become an open forum featuring listeners’ views on issues that matter, especially to them. Opinions to the contrary are welcome. Have something important to say? Call 888-874-4888 and say it on air!   Download HEre


The Gary Null Show – 04.16.21

Download Here     1.  EMPATHY – BEST SPEECH OF ALL TIME By Simon Sinek | Inspiritory 10 mins 2. Sweet Uncle Billy   Mushrooms boost immunity, suggests research University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, April 13. 2021     Could a mushroom a day help keep the doctor away?   A new University of Florida study shows increased immunity in …


The Whistleblower Newsroom – 04.16.21

FACTCHECKING THE FACTCHECKER: DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH REBUTS AFP REPORTER AND “FACTCHECKER” REMI BANET’S ASSERTION THAT HE MADE FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT COVID. On the same day Dr. McCullough was interviewed on THE WHISTLEBLOWER NEWSROOM, and without talking to Dr. McCullough before writing his piece, AFP reporter and “factchecker” Remi Banet posted an article claiming that Dr. McCullough had made three claims …



FORMER FASHION MODEL & DISABILITY ADVOCATE RISES FAR BEYOND THE LENS     Wendy Crawford, Co-Founder of Raw Beauty Project, shares her life story of adversity and triumph.  A car accident severely injured Wendy though she propelled herself forward to share her story on stages, fundraise for persons with disabilities and create multiple platforms to serve women with limited mobility navigate life.  …


The Expat Files – 04.16.21

Download Here   Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #1046 FRI, APR 16 (04-16-21) JOHNNY’S JANUARY 2021 LATIN AMERICAN “EXPAT INSIDER” SEMINAR HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO BAD SCIENCE AND US GOVT STUPIDITY: The latest Latin American Seminar was scheduled for January 8th thru 14th, 2021. However, since the “usual suspect’ Cov-Idiot knuckleheads in government along with talking head scientists (in the pocket of big pharma) …


The Gary Null Show Notes – 04.16.21

Agriculture’s Greatest Myth EXPERT: NEURALINK COULD SELL YOUR PRIVATE THOUGHTS TO THE “HIGHEST BIDDER” Why stagflation is a growing threat to the global economy World’s 5% ‘Polluter Elite’ Responsible for 37% of Global Emissions Growth, Study Concludes Michael Hudson: America’s Neoliberal Financialization Policy vs. China’s Industrial Socialism Capitalism Profits From the Promulgation of Disinformation 97% of Earth’s Land No Longer …


Energy Stew – Descriptions of particular Human Design traits you all have

We’re all born into a Human Design that we can’t help but live with. You don’t even have to know about it but you can strategize your life better by knowing the details of who you’re born to be. For this show, I’m going to describe the particular traits that are known as your “profile” and also your “Venus Sequence”. There are …