Trends This Week – “Unite for Peace, Freedom & Justice”

In this episode, Gerald discusses more on the vaccination rollout by Big Pharma, a.k.a. drug dealers and how anyone who doesn’t go along with the mainstream narrative is labeled a “conspiracy theorist,” more on the unfairness of government decrees of “essential/non-essential” businesses, and his upcoming “Unite for Peace, Freedom & Justice” Memorial Day Rally to be held in Kingston, NY. Download Here

All Together Now

All Together Now – 04.16.21

“Eleanor LeCain talks about Protecting Yourself from Fraud with Judith Kozlowski, fraud expert with the Department of Justice Elder Justice Initiative and senior fellow at WISER, the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement.” Download Here


LOA Today – Money Game Tips

Daniel answers a question from listener Amy about what to do when your Money Game “edge” expands far faster than you expected. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet to the podcast. And install our app: #loatoday #lawofattraction #manifesting #vibration #podcast #deliberatecreators #Q&A #alyxking #waltthiessen #danmangena Download Here


Leid Sotries – 04.15.21

• Kim Potter resigns as cop, charged with killing of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, just outside of Minneapolis. • House votes 25-19 to approve bill to grant Washington, D.C. statehood. • Does pause in production of J&J’s coronavirus vaccine to probe reported blood clot complaints in some patients validate suspicions that vaccine development was rushed to corner the market? …

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The Gary Null Show – 04.15.21

1. This is why we can’t have nice things. –  This video is about stuff: light bulbs, printers, phones and why they aren’t better 2. Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness – Simon Sinek: Simon Sinek explains how the millennial generation became so entitled. A combination of failed parenting strategies, technology, impatience and environment have created a wave of young …

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Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 04.15.21

THE GEORGIA MIRACLE & THE ASTOUNDING CORPORATE PUSH-BACK AGAINST JIM CROW VOTER SUPPRESSION With an All-Star cast including GLORIA TINUBU, JAMES FUKUDA, RAY MCCLENDON, STEVE ROSENFELD, JOEL SEGAL, CHARLES MONTGOMERY, ART LEVINE and many more, we dive deep into the weeds of modern American democracy. The hideous right-win campaign to steal the right to vote from tens of millions of …


iEat Green – 04.15.21 – Melissa K. Nelson

Melissa K. Nelson (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) is an ecologist, media-maker and scholar-activist. She is a professor of Indigenous Sustainability in the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University (ASU). Before joining ASU, she served as a professor of American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University (2002-2020). She is a transdisciplinary and community-based scholar dedicated to Indigenous rights and sustainable …


The Gary Null Show Notes – 04.15.21

California is poised for a catastrophic fire season. Experts say its plan isn’t nearly enough Experts Lay Out Their Case Against Carbon Pricing Mossad Bombed Natanz Nuclear Facility in Campaign to Sabotage US Iran Policy and JCPOA Deal Israel Rejects ICC Investigation: What Are the Possible Future Scenarios? Overdose Deaths Have Surged During the Pandemic, C.D.C. Data Shows Russia deploys …


Global Alert News – 04.14.21

Official narratives on many fronts are breaking down. Will a larger percentage of the population finally begin to consider the totality of what they are not being told on countless issues? Or will the majority continue to cling to the official narrative of a “return to normalcy” being “just around the corner”? Orchestrated societal division and polarization is continuing to …


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 04.15.21

A Stunning COVID-19 Interview  Lee Merritt MD gives a fascinating interview on the history of COVID-19 with new insights for all of us.  She joins the pantheon of amazing doctors we have interviewed for the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour and does it with flare and insight, providing information and important nuances we’ve not heard before. Dr. Merritt is both a courageous …