Heart of Mind Radio – 11.18.16

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis features the situation at Standing Rock Dacoka. The Standing Rock Native American Reservation is a Hunkpapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota Native American reservation in North Dakota and South Dakota in the United States.


iEat Green – Katherine Soll -11.17.16

  Founder and Executive Director of Teens for Food Justice, Kathy Soll believes that all New Yorkers should be committed to ending hunger, food insecurity and poor nutrition in one of the world’s greatest cities and that connecting youth to this mission and each other is a critical part of that achieving that goal. Teens for Food Justice was built …


The Gary Null Show – 11.17.16

 Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up about about his new investigation on sugar. Download this episode (right click and save) Gary Null, PhD – Deadly at any Dose: Sugar and the Corruption of Science: Part 1 Deadly at any Dose: Sugar and the Corruption of Science: Part 1 Gary Null, PhD November 11, 2016 The Progressive Radio …


Leid Stories—Bernie’s All In; Election 2016: An ‘Outsider’ Sees the Big Picture—11.17.16

On May 18, as the contentious party primaries were winding down and first-time presidential candidate Bernie Sanders emerged as a real threat to the party-establishment-preferred Hillary Clinton, Sanders’ supporters boldly confronted the staid leadership of the Democratic Party for sabotaging his campaign.


Focus on the Facts – 11.14.16

Guest was Kevin Galalae, Founder and Director of the Center for Global Consciousness and the most most informed expert in the world on the UN’s global depopulation agenda and socially engineered genocide with covert chemical and biological agents used all over the world since 1945, including vaccines, Fluoride in water, GMO foods and pesticides, Geoengineering and chem trail spraying.


What Women Must Know – What Your Body is Telling You: The Connection between Emotions and Illness with Luke Adler – 11.17.16

Luke is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist in the state of Oregon. He is also a Diplomat of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, which is the highest level of national certification for Chinese Medicine. He studied Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. As part of his training at Emperor’s, Luke completed medical externships at the Venice family clinic in West Los Angeles and the UCLA Arther Ashe Medical Clinic. After completing his training at Emperor’s College, Luke spent three months practicing Chinese medicine and Acupuncture in an integrative clinic in rural India near Mumbai. In India Luke worked side by side with Allopathic doctors, nurses and Ayurvedic and Homeopathic physicians. He is the author of Born to Heal : Heal Yourself, Heal the World