Visionaries – 09.19.16

  Luis Arana, senior artificial intelligence engineer for Robots Without Borders. Luis’s focus is building humanitarian AI systems and robotics to solve widespread problems in society, especially in impoverished and under-served parts of the world. We will discuss how AI and robotics will change our world. Hosted by John Lobell, we talk with visionaries – people in the arts, …


Warrior Connection-09.18.16

The September 18 edition of Warrior Connection as a discussion  with retired US Marine captain  Roy Fish on using carpentry to help vets heal and to thrive. OUR MISSION Triple H Carpentry (Healing, Helping, Honoring) was founded by a Combat Veteran on a mission to provide a conduit of healing for other Combat Veterans suffering from PTSD and other combat …


Resistance Radio -Leah Lemieux – 09.18.16

Leah Lemieux is an author, lecturer, researcher, videographer, and producer who has been involved with cetacean protection, education and conservation initiatives for over twenty years. Her work, collaborating with key individuals and NGOs, takes her to many different countries, including Japan and the remote Faroe Islands, focusing on developing educational tools to foster positive solutions from within whaling nations. Today we talk about cetaceans


Meria Heller – Jim Fetzer – 09.18.16

Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. Suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11 – Obama to veto bill;9/11 and the Jersey girls;9/11 “Commission”; America nuked on 9/11; the twin towers;Bldg 7-classic demolition;dust samples-radioactive elements;radiation illnesses;Christie Whitmans apology 15 yrs later;John ONeill & Bin Laden;the 47 core columns excluded from movies;Jill Stein on 9/11;Lincoln to JFK to 9/11 cover ups;Trump; Hillary’s double? Will the election be called off? Will Hillary be replaced? clones; the film “Bananas”; Hussein’s doubles;Putin’s favorite chauffeur murdered and lots more.


Expat Files – 09.18.16

#1-Latin American homes are plagued by Cucarachas. They seem to have a sort kind of unavoidable symbiotic relationship. While gringos and Expats cringe and squirm, Latin locals don’t seem to notice them. Will you become accustomed and eventually not notice them either? Fact: I’ve personally only see three cucarachas in my place in the last year(and they died horrible deaths). …


AJC Radio – Inmates Lives Matter – 09.18.16

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks speaks with Wrongly Convicted Mark Clements, Nino Lynos and Author/Psychotherapist – George Mallinckrodt about how Inmates are viewed from an Inmates prospectus. George speaks about his work in the prison system and things he is doing now to continue to help Inmates.


Global Alert News – 09.17.16

The day is rapidly coming when countless members of our society will be forced to face the fact that they have been living in a delusional reality. So many will soon be forced to face the fact that they, themselves, have been a part of the tyranny, whether actively or passively, by fully supporting the system that has painted us …


Ask The Blood Detective – Vitamin Lies – 09.17.16

Vitamin Lies is a riveting exploration by Dr. Michael Wald, the original blood detective, that exposes the inaccuracies and misleading concepts that perpetuate the media regarding the use and misuse of vitamins as well as other nutritional supplements. Are nutritional supplements needed? Are nutritional supplements harmful? Why doesn’t my doctor believe in the use of nutritional supplements? What are the …