Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 07.27.15

Guest 1: IMAD KHADDURI – Currently in Toronto, Khadduri is author of the books Iraq’s Nuclear Mirage: Memoirs and Delusions and Unrevealed Milestones in the Iraqi National Nuclear Program 1981-1991. He now runs the “Free Iraq” blog.  He has closely followed the Iran nuclear deal and has a 30-page paper forthcoming from the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha: “The Iranian Nuclear Project: …


Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 07.20.15

Iran Deal: Manufactured Crisis
GARETH PORTER – Just back after two weeks in Vienna at the Iran talks, He is an investigative journalist and author of Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare.

Sandra Bland “Suicide” After Minor Traffic Stop
KERRY McLEAN – McLean is a human rights lawyer and activist with the International Lawyers Guild. Based in New York “The troubling, highly suspicious death of Sandra Bland is unfortunately all too familiar to African Americans.
Dan Berger – Berger is author of Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era.


Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 07.13.15

Anti-Gay Marriage, Confederacy, and the Bible

Robin Perelle is the managing editor in Vancouver of Daily Xtra, Canada’s daily source of LGBT news.

Go to dailyxtra.com for your daily fix of local, national and international coverage of Canada’s gay community.

And follow her on Twitter @RobinPerelle

Against gay marriage & Racially Divided Confederate Flag Debate

Carol M. Swain, PhD.

Creator and Host of “Be the People” Television Show


Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 07.06.15

Icarus mellesinidis — he’ll call live from Greece to the 646 number. In Athens, Greek Olympic gold medal champion looks at live unfolding events as Greeks are now restricted from withdrawing money from their ATMs. Also, Jason Crow, and James Henry.
Henry is former chief economist at the international consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. He is now senior fellow at the Columbia University Center for Sustainable International Investment.

He said today: “Several noted economists — including Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman — have said that what the EU is doing to Greece makes no sense from an economic point of view. And they’re right, it doesn’t from an economic point of view — but it may from a political point of view.”


Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 06.22.15

Guest 1: Olympian Gold Medal Greek Champion Ioaness Melissanidis
Guest 2: Amy Canaan Mann – Director of Jackie & Ryan, starring Katherine Heigl and Ben Barnes

Ioaness will serve as an ambassador of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, July 25 – Aug 2 in Los Angeles, running with the torch in West Hollywood and receive a medal in a ceremony with Nadia Comaneci.