Trends This Week – United Soviet States of Everywhere – 09.02.20

In this episode, Gerald discusses how the “dictators in charge” have taken over, the absurdity of the new lockdowns based on the tiniest percentages of new cases, and how the rich keep getting richer while the rest of the population keeps going down.     Download Here


Trends This Week – It’s a Freak Show Out There

All masked up and living in COVID Fear – yet the numbers are going down. Meanwhile, the economy is devastated and it’s only going to get worse… that’s going to be the real killer.    Download HEre


Trends This Week – All Lives Matter

Gerald discusses the ongoing protests – not just BLM –  “All Lives Matter” and how the economy won’t be bouncing back with all of the new made-up restrictions in place.  Download Here      


Trends This Week – Goodbye America

Gerald discusses the “New World Order” of lockdowns on the people by decree of the low-life politicians in charge and the devastating economic implications.