Trends This Week – No Dreaming of a White Christmas

In this interview, Gerald discusses how the politicians have destroyed the economy fighting the COVID War and have robbed us of our Freedom, Joy, and Liberty… and are now saying we can’t celebrate the birth of the Price of Peace.   Download Here    


Trends This Week – 11.17.20

In this episode Gerald Celente discusses the outcome of the Presidential election, the implications of a mandatory vaccine as well as the effectiveness of masks and lockdowns.   Download Here

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Trends This Week – 11.02.20

In this episode Gerald Celente discusses the Presidential election, his latest economic forecast, the second wave of lockdowns spreading across Europe, and mainstream media censorship.  


Trends This Week – The Covid War

This episode discusses Gerald’s views on the Covid War and what is going to transpire;  the disappearance of the anti-establishment movement in Woodstock; thoughts on Australia’s police state and many more facts about the economy and the election.   Download Here


Trends This Week – United Soviet States of Everywhere – 09.02.20

In this episode, Gerald discusses how the “dictators in charge” have taken over, the absurdity of the new lockdowns based on the tiniest percentages of new cases, and how the rich keep getting richer while the rest of the population keeps going down.     Download Here