CHARITY CROUSE – Right Out in Plain Sight: Dona Hillary and the Clinton Cartel

Politics in the U.S. has long been accepted as dirty business, especially when it comes to U.S. relations with Latin America. But a new standard has been set with the ascendance of presidential contender Hillary Clinton. The March 3, 2016 assassination of Lenca leader Berta Carceres is a direct result of policies enabled and supported by Clinton and her criminal syndicate in Honduras. As her relationship with Honduras reveals, Clinton is a gangster attempting to posit herself as the head of the largest crime empire on the planet, “whatever it takes.”

Seeing the Clinton racket in its full glory takes an understanding the recent history in Honduras and how she factors into it. In 2005, the Central American Free Trade Agreement was passed in the United States. CAFTA advanced the aims of the 1994 Bill Clinton-sponsored NAFTA further south into countries like Honduras. The neo-liberal free trade deal had found a receptive audience among the established economic elite in the country affiliated with long-standing familial oligarchies that controlled finance, trade and industry. Many of the patriarchs in the oligarchy, including Miguel Facusse and Juan Cuanahuati, had been historic and early proponents of free trade in Honduras and headed industries that found fertile grounds to flourish under the model CAFTA promoted, including maquila zones and the attendant “company towns” that were branded as “industrial parks.” These practices were in effect since the mid-1980s in Honduras but were accelerated thanks to CAFTA. The increase of these “parks” caused the rapid proliferation of previously small town areas into more urbanized enclaves particularly in the north as people from the rural areas moved to work in one of the new factories.

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