Christina England – World Renowned Neuropathologist has Career Destroyed for Disproving Shaken Baby Syndrome

On Friday, March 11, 2016, the General Medical Council (GMC) found UK pediatric neuropathologist and expert defense witness, Dr. Waney Squier, guilty of “misleading her peers, being irresponsible, dishonest and bringing the reputation of the medical profession into disrepute.”

In a nutshell, she was found guilty of disagreeing with the medical establishment over the “science” behind diagnosing shaken baby syndrome, and speaking out on behalf of innocent parents.

Considered to be the country’s leading scientist in the field of pediatric neuropathology, Dr. Squier has worked as a consultant at the John Radcliffe Hospital for 32 years. Until 15 years ago, she vehemently supported and adhered to the mainstream belief that when a medical professional suspects that an infant has been violently shaken, they must examine the baby for the “triad [2]” of injuries believed to be associated with shaken baby syndrome (SBS).

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