Christine Sarich – The Adverse Effects of Noise Pollution on Your Health

Did you know that the sound from a heavy truck moving down the road – approximately 85dB (decibel) – can have an adverse effect on your health? It isn’t just rock musicians who suffer from hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises – noise pollution can cause a host of ailments, from tinnitus to depression.

Exposure to sounds as loud as 100 dB should be limited to just 4 times a year. But many people who live in larger cities hear the sounds of jackhammers or construction tools like circular saws whirring on a daily basis? How about ambulance and police sirens, or the loud ‘hum’ of traffic on a nearby expressway? What about low-flying airplanes, with their engines blaring in your ear drums?

 Even reports from the US Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization admit that noise pollution is bad for us – yet we are not sure exactly what to do about this issue.