How the CIA and Other Spies Have Collaborated With Drug Traffickers All Over the World

I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories. Whenever I see someone share Facebook memes about Eurabia, chemtrails, the New World Order, Nazi UFOs or how Bush did 9/11, I roll my eyes. I mean, is it really so hard to believe that some pissed-off nut-jobs could have hijacked a plane and crashed it—instead of its being part of some over-complicated plot by a national government that couldn’t even cover up a simple burglary?

That’s not to say there aren’t some seriously shady things going on behind the scenes. But I draw the line at reptilian overlords from Alpha Centauri.

So imagine my surprise a few years back, as I sat in my UK prison cell (for selling drugs) reading El Narco, Ioan Grillo’s excellent history of drug trafficking in Mexico—and learned that the theory of The Man Introducing Crack to the Hood was actually true.

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