CJ Werleman – America: “The Leading Terrorist State And Proud Of It”

Our refusal to acknowledge the human cost our violence blinds us to the malevolence of US imperialism

According to the Pentagon, US led airstrikes against ISIS have killed only two civilians: both children – “likely in Syria”.

A new report compiled by the non-profit group Airwars, which tracks coalition airstrikes in the Middle East, documents up to 591 civilian deaths from more than 50 credible incidents – involving 5,600 airstrikes.

In 1928, when Arthur Ponsonby, a British politician, said, “When war is declared, the first casualty is the truth” – he never specified what the distorted “truth” might be. If one were to examine all wars the US has engaged in modern history, however, one might conclude the casualty to be civilian death counts.


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