The Conspiracy Guy – 01.24.18

Conspiracy Guy Show #60: War rages in the Middle East as Turkey launches an all-out assault on the Syrian Kurds, in response to a map showing a US plan for a Kurdish region that would become “New Kurdistan”, which Turkey and the other nations involved whose land would be thereby appropriated–Iraq, Iran and Syria–are not going to stand by to carve out a new state. The Russians have identified and taken out the groups that attacked their forces with mortars in late December and with drones in early January. What was reported to be a mistaken warning about the Hawaiian missile attack now appears to have been bona fide, where a missile was launched from an Israeli Dophin-class submarine in an effort to simulate an attack on Hawaii by North Korea, but the missile was promptly detected and destroyed in flight. The FISA scandal continues to grow, where documents are in the process of release that will show the top echelons of the FBI was in collusion with the Clinton campaign to spy on Donald and sabotage his team, which may even bring the Mueller investigation–which was initiated on the basis of a false, fake “Russian dossier”–to a resounding halt. Efforts to remove him on the basis of the “Russian hacking” story and the mental incompetence meme having fallen flat, there are reasons for concern that he may be subjected to an assassination attempt, where protesters could be rounded up and taken to refurbished “Sam’s Club” buildings remodeled for the purpose. More and more stories are emerging that make the alleged “Las Vegas massacre” no more than a feeble joke, where the official narrative is coming apart at the seams.

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