The Conspiracy Guy – 02.08.18

The Conspiracy Guy Show #62: The Nunes’ FISA memo nails key players in the FBI and the DOJ for participating in a series of corrupt acts, including using the ludicrous “Steele dossier” as evidence of the need to spy on Trump and some of his representatives. The deeper you dig, the more outrageous the situation becomes. If the FISA judge was not aware of its origins, then the situation was one of deceit and deception, since the dossier was paid for by Hillary and the DNC as “opposition research”; and if he know of its origins, the situation is even worse, where 10 of the 11 FISA judges were appointed by Obama and they ought to have avoided the least appearance of impropriety. Adam Schiff has worried that the Mueller investigation may be abandoned, having been improperly based upon rumors and speculation, rather than well-established proof of an offense to be investigated. It does not appear to be a tenable inquiry, where any findings will be “the fruit of a poisonous tree”. The State of the Union Address was a smashing success, with 75% approving and only 25% disapproving. When Trump talks about restricting US foreign aid to “friends of America”, he needs to do some soul searching about our ally in the Middle East, Israel, which attacked the US spy ship, USS Liberty, during the Six Day War in full knowledge that it was flying the American flag; and where the events of 9/11 were brought to us compliments of the CIA, the Neocons in the DOD and the Mossad. The proof is overwhelming and convincing. Growing tensions in Syria, in the Ukraine and else where–including Pakistan’s decision to purchase its military weapons for Russia and China, offers further evidence that US foreign policy is comping apart at the seams. And Bernie is attacking the Nunes’ memorandum, in spite of the fact that Hillary and the DNC stole the nomination from him by giving her 13 primaries that Bernie had won.


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