The Conspiracy Guy – 02.21.18

Conspiracy Guy Show #64: Obvious DNC/Zionist propaganda op. Image of shooter wearing a MAGA hat. In close vicinity to Mar-a-Lago. At a time the Democrats need to change the subject (with the Russian hacking meme falling apart and the scandals of FBI collusion with the Hillary campaign making front-page news); it occurs in the District of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Surprise! Surprise!), the Superintendent of Schools came from Chicago, where he worked with Obama’s pal, Rahm Emmanuel; the Sheriff is Zionist who campaigned at a Talmudic Jew, where we have photos of him with Hillary and others with Joe Biden. We have security cameras removed before the event, the Secret Service on the campus to change its security protocols in advance; Army personnel are present directing students not to look at the bodies (no doubt, because they were mannequins or otherwise faked). Students reported they were told there would be a “code red” with fake guns and others that there would be a drill. One (very poor) actress said she had been “in Holocaust class” when the shooting took place and that she had been wounded and had deflected a bullet by using a book, which is absurd beyond belief. We even have photos of the coach (alleged to have given his life to protect the students) attending a funeral for an alleged victim. David Hogg, student activist, can’t get his lines straight and graduated from Redondo Shores High School, CA (2015).

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