The Conspiracy Guy – 05.17.17

The Conspiracy Guy Show #25: NYT headlines today included “TRUMP APPEALED TO COMEY TO HALT INQUIRY OF FLYNN” and others including “Calls mount to hear more from Comey” and “Secrets President Bared to Russia Said to Come From Israeli Sources”. But they do not take into account that Flynn had already been cleared by the FBI. The Washington Post had already reported on 23 January 2017, “FBI reviewed Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador but found nothing illicit”. And we now have further confirmation that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC email leaks. There was no “Russian hacking”, which was a meme fabricated out of whole cloth by John Podesta and Robbie Mook within 24 hoursof Hillary’s concession speech to cover for her hopelessly inadequate campaign. The “secrets” that Trump allegedly disclosed, moreover, appear to have already been in the public domain and have been shared with Russia, where the relations between Bibi Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin are closer than those between Putin and Trump. The scandal is that the mainstream media are making so much with so little substance. Firing Comey has even doubled Trump’s support among Republicans, where the idea of talking about impeachment on these slender bases qualifies as simply absurd. The death of Seth Rich for leaking the DNC emails has been accompanied by other mysterious deaths, including of John Jones, among the most respected international criminal attorneys in the UK, who had represetend Julian Assange; of Shawn Lucas, who had served a class-action lawsuit against the DNC on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ supporters; and of UN official John Ashe, who “accidentally” crushed his throat while exercising a week before he was scheduled to testify against Bill and Hillary Clinton and the DNC.