The Conspiracy Guy – 05.25.17

The Conspiracy Guy Show #26: The Manchester “false flag”, among the most recent of them all, appears to have been calculated to stem falling support for Theresa May, the PM, who called an election abruptly in the hope of fending off growing support for the Labor Party and Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. More surprisingly, the purported “car crash” in Times Square was another fabricated event, where an expert analysis by a police officer and 15-year general detective leaves no doubt about it, where victims who have just been run over get up and walk away with no visible injuries. The murder of Seth Rich, the IT guy who leaked the DNC emails to Julian Assange, is heating up with Newt Gingrich call it out as “an assassination” and a fourth-year resident explaining that he had been treated at GWH and looked to be in fine condition to survive, when the ICU was taken over by law enforcement officers, who denied him medical access and appear to have made sure he did not live. That Seth was the source has been confirmed by Kim Dotcom, who helped him get in contact with Wikileaks. A lawsuit against the DNC for violating its own policies of impartiality on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ supporters is moving forward, but has been blacked-out by the mainstream press. The Donald’s adventures in the Middle East are causing concern that he may be unleashing the Sunni against the Shi, while it appears that James Comey had the FBI contact a UK intel guy to “dig up dirt” on Trump, but the dossier he provided was so lurid and unbelievable they refused to pay him.

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