The Conspiracy Guy – 05.31.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #27: Newly unsealed FISA Court Order reveals that warrantless surveillances were being conducted by the Obama administration during 2016, including on the Trump campaign. What former CIA Director John Brennan and Barack Obama did to the integrity of our electoral process far exceeds anything that the Russians have undertaken. Indeed, the evidence mounts that Seth Rich will taken out in retribution for leaking DNC emails to Wikileaks and to set an example for others who might emulate him. He had sustained survivable wounds, but law enforcement swarmed the hospital and cut off observation and treatment. An FBI report (heavily redacted) shows that he had DNC emails on his laptop and connections to Wikileaks. And SHATTERED reported that Robbie Mook and John Podesta had made up the “Russian hacking” meme within 255 hours of HIllary’s concession speech to deflect attention from her miserable campaign, which they ineptly managed. George Webb even appears to have identified the team that shot him in the street, who were working for the DNC behind the scenes. Noam Chomsky has called Russiagate “a joke” that has made the US “a laughing stock” in the eyes of the world. The contretemps over Jarred Kushner’s efforts to create a back-channel to Russia by themselves reveal that Trump was not colluding with Russia, since had that been the case, it would have been unnecessary to create them. On Memorial Day, a 100th JFK Birthday conference was LIVE STREAMED involving 10 experts on the case, where exposing why and by whom our 35th President was assassinated is the highest form of respect for the injustice committed in effecting a coup and installing LBJ, who was the primary force behind the murder, as his successor.