The Conspiracy Guy – 06.21.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #30: Ominous developments in the Middle East include Russia warning the US that it will treat all US aircraft in Syrian airspace as “targets” after US-led forces shot down a Syrian plane attacking ISIS. Iran has responded to an ISIS attack in Iran with missile strikes in Eastern Syria. The exchange between Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones may be most notable for Alex Jones’ abandonment of “Sandy Hook Truth” in favor of a fallback–that the kids were killed but it was politicized–when proof that the school had been closed by 2008 and there were no students there is both abundant and compelling. The attempted assassination of Congressman Scalise appears to have been driven by his dedication to protecting children from pedophiles and to rooting them out of government. The attempts to blame President Trump for creating an atmosphere of violence ignores the distinction between minor infractions (such as fist-fights at political rallies) and major instigation (such as Madonna’s report of dreaming about “blowing up the White House”, the production of “Julius Caesar” in Central Park portraying Donald Trump as Emperor and Kathy Griffin posing with The Donald’s severed head. A former Assistant Director of the FBI has explained that the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counselor violates proper procedure: they are to investigate specific crimes, none of which has been specified in this case.

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