The Conspiracy Guy – 08.02.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #36: That the USAF wants Russian RNA indicates the horrifying depth of decadence y to which the US has sunk, since that can only be for the purpose of producing biological weapons to compensate for Russian superiority relative to conventional, nuclear and high-tech. A very bad sign! The absurd lawsuit allegedly filed against FOX NEWS and the Trump campaign to concoct the Russian hacking meme bears no relationship to reality. Seth Rich was killed for leaking DNC email to Julian Assange. The book, SHATTERED, by two investigative journalists following Hillary’s campaign reported that Robbie Mook and John Podesta had made it up out of whole cloth to distract attention from their own inadequacies in running her campaign and the shortcomings of the candidate. The story has been unraveling, but the MSM refuses to cover the revelations that put the lie to the entire sham story. A GOP member of the House describes the Imran Awan/Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal as “amongthe greatest in the last 30 years”, with no exaggeration. These people were being paid millions for IT jobs that normally run $40-60,000 a year. DWS kept Imran on the payroll even after others had fired him. The Mueller appointment appears to be in blatant conflict with the standards for Special Counsel, given his close relationship to James Comey. That Washington continues to wallow in its own corruption receives further reinforcement on a daily basis. And the hypocrisy and advocacy of the major media becomes more conspicuous in relation to Obamacare, where Barack included a provision that has led to him receiving $411,000,000 for the use of his name on the bill.