The Conspiracy Guy – 08.09.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #37: Hysteria over the North Korean nuclear threat appears to be political theater, since US high-tech could take out anything it fired toward North America. Trump neatly avoided an impeachment trap by signing the sanctions bill, while laying the foundation for Constitutional challenge in the Supreme Court. The sanctions are going to move Europe and Iran into closer economic relations with Russia. More and more proof emerges that there was no “Russian hacking”, throwing into question the motivation behind appointing a Special Counsel to begin with. Emerging evidence suggests that Robert Mueller has no integrity and has functioned to cover up over a dozen instances of malfeasance by the government, up to and including 9/11, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. Eleven counties in California have more registered voters than eligible residents, which the official responsible for enforcement rejects as “false and debunked”. The social media, including Google and YouTube, continue to take down web sites and videos that contradict the government’s official position on many serious issues, including Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, as a form of electronic tyranny.

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