The Conspiracy Guy – 08.16.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #38. Studies of videos and photos from Charlottesville reveal that it was a fabricated event with two cars, two drivers, two takes and a witness who turns out to be CIA. One with one car crashing into two others, another with one car alone. To review the visual proof for yourself, watch “Charlottesville False Flag Theory – Something Strange is Going On” and “The Charlottesville Psy-Op with Jim Fetzer and Dean Ryan (both available–for the time being–on YouTube). This orchestrated event included ordering the Charlottesville Police to stand down, while the protest group was controlled and directed into the anti-protesters by the Virginia State Police and National Guard under the control of Governor Terry McAuliffe with complicity of Mayor Michael Signer. Witness at hand Brennan Gilmore turns out to be CIA as well as the Chief of Staff for Tom Perriello, candidate to succeed McAuliffe, who received more than $250,000¬†from George Soros. The Antifa group (“Anonymous Anti-Fascists”) are acting as fascists, where Soros appears to be behind the scenes, running a covert op to overthrow Trump modeled after its precursor in Ukraine–with many of the same players. Left-wing mayors around the country are taking down statues and other icons of the history of the United States. This has all the earmarks of an attempt to destroy the identity of The United States as a culture by calculated acts of sabotage. See “Charlottesville and its aftermath: What if it was a set up?”