The Conspiracy Guy – 09.20.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #43: Donald Trump destroyed any lingering illusions that he is not under Zionist control with his troubling speech to the UN, in which he denounced North Korea, Syria and Iran, while a beaming Bibi looked on. These are the three foremost targets of Israel’s wrath, where it turns out that North Korea supplied technical assistance to Syria, Egypt and Iran. The completion of the 9/11 agenda–of taking out the modern Arab states that serve as a political counter-balance to Israel’s domination of the entire region and confronting Persian Iran–has now been resurrected, just when we thought we had a president who was going to draw down US force in the Middle East, which turns out to be the crucial issue on which he was elected. (For my distillation of research on 9/11, see my last show, which was inadvertently submitted too late to be broadcast.) Although Hillary has advanced 43 reasons why she lost the election, the real reason does not even show up on her list. Amazon.com continues the suppression of the opinions of the people by deleting (what must by now number in the) thousands of negative comments, which ought to give pause to any customer who takes for granted that amazon.com is not attempting to manipulate their impression of their products to promote their profit margin. And the University of Virginia continues the abdication of leadership regarding the attacks on its own campus and the abuse of Charlottesville to promote a political agenda contributing to chaos and division within the United States, something of which Mr. Jefferson would not have approved.