The Conspiracy Guy – 09.27.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #44: Trump’s neglect of Puerto Rico begins to look like a repeat of Bush’s neglect of New Orleans, from which he never completely recovered. There are going to be serious repercussions from talking about PR’s bankruptcy from a guy who has repeatedly resorted to bankruptcy himself, where he could have been hailed as a hero had he gone there and moved to help, even forgiving PR for its debts. But instead he tweeted about black NFL players protesting against racial injustice, when it turns out that teams were not even on the field for the national anthem until 2009, that the NFL encourages but does not require standing for the anthem and where the DOD has been politicizing NFL games with military propaganda to encourage enlistments at taxpayer expense since 2011. And the threats Trump has issued toward North Korea belie the history of attempts by North Korea to arrive at a peaceful resolution by way of negotiations, which both the Obama and Trump administrations immediately rejected. An attack on Drudge by Media Matters for allegedly promoting Russian propaganda is a statistical ruse, since Drudge has only linked to RT, Sputnik News and TASS some 400 times in the course of publishing over 100,000 links. And Michael Rivero has blown his cover as a 9/11 gatekeeper by attacking me on issues where the evidence is all on my side, which even extends to the moon landing, which I deny but he still affirms.


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