The Conspiracy Guy – 10.04.17

Conspiracy Guy #45: A more complex and elaborate “false flag” with an implausible patsy, who turns out to be a multimillionaire addicted to gambling who has an Asian girlfriend. A pilot with two planes and a $400,000 retirement home, he has been described as apolitical and non-religious and most unlikely to have committed a terrorist act. Las Vegas guards its reputation and wants to cover up any elements that might discourage visitors from coming to Sin City, including that there were multiple gunmen and that shots–which appears to be primarily from an M-60, a belt-fed machine gun–were from a 4th or 5th floor in the middle of the hotel, not on the 32nd where his body was found. The patsy was set up where his photo shows shell casings on top of the blood, which would be impossible since it implies he kept shooting after he was dead. The tricky part is figuring out whether there were 50+ dead and hundreds wounded. I separate the facts of which we are sure from my conjectures about what is taking place here, where there are several recent events that suggest to me that Israel is pissed off and retaliating for the failure of the CIA-Israeli plot to oust Assad and enable Israel to expand to the Greater Israel of Zionist aspirations. If that sounds like a “conspiracy theory” to you, what else would you expect from “the conspiracy guy”?┬áThe troubling part is that the evidence I marshall here offer proof this theory–like those of JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing–may very well turn out to be true.

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