The Conspiracy Guy – 10.25.17

Conspiracy Guy #48: A bonanza for conspiracy realists: Hillary outed for taking bribes from Russia to approve the sale of 20% of US uranium via Uranium One, where calls for a Special Prosecutor are already being made; evidence the Hillary and the DNC paid for the “Russian dossier” that was used to raise questions about Donald Trump’s conduct in Moscow; proof that none other than Robert Mueller had financial investments in Russian hedge funds and ties to George Soros for openers. New info about Las Vegas, including proof that the alleged “victims” had obituaries that were fabrications based on others who had died in different states or on different dates and from other causes of death, where the evidence that this was a made-for-TV production grows by the day. And the FBI has released 1,500 pages of its investigation into Sandy Hook, largely focusing on Adam Lanza, who appears to have been, like the alleged “dead children”, a fictional character; and we should now have the final release of JFK assassination records, where we have no way to tell how much we have now without knowing what may have been destroyed in the meanwhile.


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