The Conspiracy Guy – 11.01.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #49: The truck attack in New York City resembles an attack in Nice, France, with an 18-wheeler, which reportedly mowed down 84 victims–yet there was no blood on the front of the truck! Even a car hitting a deer is smattered with blood. Smashed bicycles and trash, but in Nice, there was no blood because there were no real bodies: they used mannequins and gutted a pig for effect. The earlier car event in the city was exposed as similarly staged, where you can read about it on my blog, “The Times Square Crash: Just another Broadway Show”, by a 25-year police officer (15 as a general detective). Count me skeptical. It appears to have been staged to distract attention from the floundering Russiagate investigation, where Paul Manafort has been indicted for alleged financial improprieties committed in 2006, ten years before he joined the presidential campaign for Donald Trump. And from the growing scandal of Hillary Clinton and the DNC having paid for the “Russian dossier”, which is a violation of FEC laws, not to mention her complicity in the Uranium One scandal, whereby the Clinton Foundation received $145,000,000 from Russia for 20% of US uranium reserves (which appear to be under the Bundy Ranch)! The Las Vegas production is falling apart, where the latest video shows crisis actors covered with sheets awaiting their turn to be carried out on stretchers for the 17 ambulances awaiting them to serve as further victims of this elaborately staged event, which was a movie! And HD footage of the FBI cleaning up the scene revealed no bullet strikes anywhere, additional proof that this was a made-for-TV production. 1,500 pages about the fictional character, Adam Lanza, has also been released, where they were at liberty to make up anything they liked about a non-existent character. And Trump refuses to block the release of JFK assassination-related documents and records, which was opposed by George H.W. Bush, for reasons that turn out to be all-too-obvious.