The Conspiracy Guy – 12.21.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #55: Top Ten Stories of 2017: #10: The NFL Protests (where fans don’t like to mix politics with sports); #9A: The Times Square Attack (which Alex Scott exposes as “Just Another Broadway Show”); #9B: The New York Truck Attack (which Vivian Lee reveals to be a hoax for Halloween); #8: The Boston bombing hoax unravels (where the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit has accepted an Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of three US citizens); #7: The Sandy Hook Hoax collapses (where the Deep State has been taking down visual proof of how they faked the kids out of photographs of older children when they were younger); #6: The Charlottesville Hoax falls apart (the “independent review” by a former US Attorney commits three major blunders); #5: The Russiagate Scandal (where the mainstream media has besieged us for over a year with a fake news story of Russian hacking, when the real Russian story was Hillary selling 20% of US uranium to Russia); #4: The Harvey Weinstein Scandal (which has also taken down Matt Lauer, Al Franken, John Conyers and (possibly) Roy Moore (where massive voter fraud is being exposed during the recount) and will almost certainly not affect Donald Trump); #3: Even more than 50 years later, we are still making new discoveries about the assassination of JFK (where Bethesda autopsy photos are not of JFK, Oswald was in the doorway of the TSBD as the motorcade passed by, and Roscoe White, a DPD officer with ties to the CIA, was his body-double in the backyard photographs); #2: Trump declares Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel (which has been widely condemned taken the US out of any role in negotiating a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine); and #1: The Las Vegas massacre (which turns out to have been a movie–with a prerecorded sound track, special visual effects and a crowd seeded with crisis actors–but then, after all, what else should we have expected from MGM?) NOTE: Video, “Conspiracy Guy: Top Ten Stories of 2017”, will be up at Gary King YouTube Channel.


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