The Conspiracy Guy – 12.28.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #56: While the Pope warns of the prospect of wars in the Middle East and on the Korean Peninsula, the Trump administration’s decision to provide Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine “crosses the line” in the view of the Russian Foreign Minister. The US continues to loot Afghanistan of its mineral resources and protect the poppy fields for the CIA–all at taxpayer expense. By withdrawing $285,000,000 in funding from the UN out of spite over the vote of 128 nations against Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, the United States once again appears to be petty and unprincipled in the eyes of the world. A single plane, bound for Israel with mysterious cargo, makes its way out the Atlanta Airport, in what appears to have been a carefully contrived power shut down. Iran’s plan to join the Eurasian Economic Union presages further and stronger economic competition with the West. The loss of his lawsuit leaves James Tracy punished for his efforts to save the public from the Sandy Hook scam, where the Deep State continued to enter blogs to take down images that prove the faked the kids out of photos of older kids when they were younger. BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR 2018!