Could You Be Addicted to Your Cell Phone?

Do you check your cell phone for missed calls or texts first thing in the morning when you wake up?  Do you find yourself checking your phone multiple times throughout the day and feeling anxious if you don’t check it? Do you feel compelled to use your cell phone at inappropriate times such as during work, in class, while driving, or when dining with friends or family? Has your cell phone use ever interfered with your performance at school or work? Do you feel that you spend so much time on your cell phone that it may be keeping you from participating in other activities? Have you tried to cut back on your cell phone use without success? Would you be distressed if you did not have your phone with you for a few hours? If you answered yes to many of these questions, you may be exhibiting addictive cell phone behaviors according to some researchers (Atchley and Warden, 2012).

Cell phone over-use has received a lot of research and media attention these days, especially when it comes to teens and young adults. This is a reflection of how serious of an epidemic cell phone overuse may be. So is the fact that here are even free cell phone apps available for people to download in an attempt to curtail their problematic cell phone use!

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