dale ruff – Politics as Psychopathology: Trump’s Attention Deficit, Oppositional, and Sleep Disorder

My friend who not only has a PH.d in theoretical physics and 40 years of experience as a psychiatrist, and whose specialty is diagnosis, tells me that not only is Donald Trump “a f*cking idiot” but has severe ADD, the affliction I know from having taught special education for 20 years. To this diagnosis, I would add Oppositional Disorder (irrational fighting) and a serious sleep disorder, all of which dovetail to describe the behavior of our next President and foreshadow a deeply disturbed Presidency.

ADD means a person is unable to focus, unable to read a book, unable to listen to a reasoned argument, and instead jumps from one thing to another, favoring wisecracks, bumper-sticker ideas, and tweets. It is often covered up with angry outbursts and mood swings. it incorporates forgetfulness with, in the case of leaders, the propaganda tactic of providing few, brief Big Lies, repeated over and over in a hypnotic fashion to create blind sheep followers.

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