Daniel Arsenault – The Off-Grid Rebellion The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About

For many waking up in the modern world, the weight of the planet is on their shoulders. It seems like the more one learns, the more everything is in ruin. Climate catastrophe and secret financial institutions threaten devastation on all sides, the media is run by the corporate elite and filters the truth into coarse bits of marketing slogans, and there seems like no avenue to fight back, to levy solutions.

When even the charities seem corrupt, where does the charitable soul go?

When I moved to Montreal, I was desperate to get connected to a group that was actually making a difference. I joined an organization I’m proud to work with known as the Valhalla Movement.

What I discovered while working with them wasn’t how innovative they were for fighting for change, but how many people were fighting the good fight without finding their way into the public eye. I quickly learned that there were over 3,000 eco-communities in North America alone, enough that I should have been able to name a few dozen in my state alone. Yet, I couldn’t think of one.

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