Daniel Larison – Yemen and Crimes Against Humanity

The U.N. has been investigating war crimes in the war on Yemen, and their monitors have confirmed what critics of the bombing campaign feared:

A Saudi-led coalition fighting in neighboring Yemen has targeted civilians with air strikes and some of the attacks could be crimes against humanity [bold mine-DL], United Nations sanctions monitors said in an annual report to the Security Council.

While the report acknowledges that all parties to the conflict have committed war crimes, the coalition’s attacks appear to have been carried out in a “widespread and systemic manner,” and that is what potentially qualifies as crimes against humanity. The report has prompted human rights groups to call on the U.S. and U.K. to halt weapons shipments to the Saudis and their allies. In Britain, Labour has demanded details from Cameron about British involvement in the war, and Human Rights Watch has charged that the report proves that the British government lied about the way that weapons sold to the Saudis were being used:

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