Deena Stryker – Obama: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

President Obama’s final speech to the UN goes beyond any-thing anyone has ever heard in terms of hypocrisy: it’s too bad his Nobel can’t be parlayed into a prize for phoniness. It was a beautifully crafted speech — I’m sure he and Michelle burned the midnight oil to produce it — but I don’t think many leaders appreciated it.

This man, who has ordered the assassination without trial of hundreds (thousands?) of American and other civilians by drone, who can’t get along with the heads of other states whose world views dare to differ from his, who paints a rosy picture of reality while ensuring that it will never come to pass, insulting in passing most of the inhabitants of planet earth, probably doesn’t even realize that other people rightly mock his words, in a triumph of propaganda in which the perpetrator comes to believe his own lies.

When Obama was first elected, like hundreds of thousands of other people of good will, I believed he would be able to make a difference, but I soon realized that he had merely been ‘allowed’ to become the Democratic candidate in 2008 by the Clintons, on condition he do as he was told by the real powers that be, or risk the fate of Kennedy.

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