Dimitris Konstantakopoulos and Peter Koenig – The Refugee Crisis Looms: “A New Idea, Turn Greece into a Concentration Camp,[Powder Keg]!”

In this extraordinary essay, Dimitris Konstantakopoulos illustrates what is currently happening in Greece. Dimitris, is a renowned journalist and founder of the Delphi Initiative (website of the Delphi Initiative: http://www.defenddemocracy.press/), a group of Greek and international intellectuals who met last June in Delphi – the birthplace of ‘Democracy’ some 2,500 years ago – in the hope of finding alternatives to the current systematic destruction and looting of Greece by the nefarious so-called troika, the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Commission (EC) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as to the political decay of Europe.

The forum came up with a few ideas, that – I believe – could have saved Greece from the massacre it is going through since 2010, and especially since early 2015, when the nominally left-wing Syriza coalition, with Alexis Tsipras a President, won the elections. But the Tsipras Government, did not listen. They were under the gun, perhaps literally threatened, to do what the troika and troika’s masters in Washington said they must do, or else – destroying Greece, her people and obliterating her social fabric; and while doing so, letting foreign sharks steal the remaining Greek assets by privatization, concessions and sheer fire-sales.

Thousands of people have died as a result of austerity imposed by the troika on the very social safety net Greece along with the rest of Europe had built after WWII. The thinking then was ‘never again war’. Little did they know, that the US-led NATO cells ‘to protect Europe’ from an imaginary enemy from the east, would never allow lasting peace in Europe.

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