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Dr Gideon Polya – Australia’s Horrendous Abuse Of Aboriginal Children The Tip Of Massive Australian Child Abuse

The Australian ABC TV Four Corners program has revealed shocking CCTV images of mostly Aboriginal children being horrendously abused, assaulted and tortured  by prison guards in a juvenile detention centre in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT). Australia has been shocked.  The Coalition Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull set up a Royal Commission to investigate the matter but this  (a) involves the complicit NT Government, (b) does not address horrendous nation-wide abuse of  detained Aboriginal  children, and (c) will ignore other massive child abuse within Australia and overseas in which child-abusing Australian Governments are complicit.

In writing this analysis of horrendous child abuse in Australia I am simply one decent Australian citizen without the vast resources of the Australian Federal Government. However it is likely the except for the shocking details revealed by Four Corners and similar abuses against imprisoned children in the NT  [1],  the rest of a mountain of Australian Government-complicit child abuse as detailed below will be ignored due to the highly  restricted terms of reference of the  proposed Royal Commission. Thus, for example, a current  $500 million  Australian Royal Commission  into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is confined to child abuse in state, religious and other institutions but will ignore a mountain of other  child abuse – while it is estimated that up to 40,000 children have been subject to child sexual abuse by Catholic religious personnel in living memory,  an estimated 4.4 million Australians adults have  been subject to child sexual abuse, notably in the home or by family friends  and relatives [2].

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