Dr. Jeffrey Dach, MD – Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with NonToxic Therapies

When it comes to cancer treatment, chemotherapy does more harm than good.  There are other, non-toxic approaches that are worth exploring.

When Jim was 36 year old, he was diagnosed with acute myeloblastic leukemia with symptoms of fatigue, anemia, and extremely high white count on his blood panel. Over three years, Jim received seven chemotherapy treatments, each one giving him a temporary remission shorter than the last one.  Eventually the chemotherapy was no longer effective, the cancer cells became resistant to chemotherapy.  After exhausting all of the usual treatments, the doctors offered Jim allogeneic hematopoetic stem cell transplantation, a procedure which obliterates the patient’s bone marrow with high dose chemotherapy.  The patient is then “rescued” with donor bone marrow stem cells from a family member or donor bank.  This procedure is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality from infection and graft vs. host disease.   The high dose chemotherapy produces permanent, irreversible infertility.  Jim had the procedure and is alive and doing well three years later Image (below) poster courtesy of Cancer Stem Cell Meeting 2012 Cambridge Cancer Stem Cell Symposium.


What can we learn from Jim’s story?

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